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Taxation and Treaties

International Tax Lawyer, Consultant and Definitive Author on U.S. Tax Laws

Rufus v. Rhoades provides tax consulting to law firms, accounting firms, and international trust companies. He specializes in international tax, foreign tax issues, non-resident issues, and provides expert testimony for international taxation matters. His office is in Los Angeles, CA and handles cases world wide. Rufus v. Rhoades wrote the book on international Taxation and Treaties.

Experience with Asian Nationals

Mr. Rhoades has represented Asian nationals and companies for over two decades including: doing business in the United States; avoiding inadvertent U.S. residency; planning for U.S. residency; non-business investments (real estate).  Guiding his Asian clients through the tax maze when they are planning on acquiring, financing or selling U.S. real estate is his speciality

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International Estate and Gifts

Planning can save your family significant money. A gift or bequest by a nonresident alien to a U.S. person (father to son or daughter, for example) carries with it some real U.S. tax issues.  Mr. Rhoades explains those issues and identifies the risks about which the client must be thoughtful.  He also proposes solutions to problems that the client’s gift or estate plan may create.

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We Wrote The Book

Mr. Rhoades and his co-author, Marshall Langer, have written (and Mr. Rhoades continues to keep up to date) a six volume treaties “U.S. International Taxation and Tax Treaties”, a set published by Matthew Bender and Co.  The treatise remains current from year to year because Mr. Rhoades writes and Matthew Bender publishes four up-dates a year. 

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International Tax Guidance for

  • Gift and Estate Tax
  • Becoming A U.S. Resident
  • Foreign Tax Credits
  • Foreign Corporations
  • Tax Treaties
  • Trusts